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dimanche 28 septembre 2008

Why do I Blog ? Top 10 list

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I'm going for the big picture now. If I blog in English, do you think I'll make it through the US blogger world ? arf, probably not.

Most blogs I read are in English anyway, I might as well train a bit, sure my boss won't see no harm in that.

I've been reading lately blog posts titled "Why do I blog". Some  comments on friendfeed are very funny about it. It made me think more precisely about why I STILL Blog.

Wasn't it supposed to be just a fling, just something to try on for a while ? Now I'm programming posts weeks in advance in order to always have some' on the flow, hoping to get more readers from my professional field... And I think about my next post when I buy a fresh warm "baguette" and my "Parisien" newspaper during the week-end. [I told you I wanted US readers, I have to give'em some...]

Something went wrong in the process. Let's face it I'm a Blog junkie. Maybe I'll find the answer in this Top 10 list why I blog.

I'll write this as countdown, so you'll find the 1st reason last. [Do not scroll ! you're in a hurry or what ?]

10. I do not have a cat.

Actually, I'm not sure it's possible to own a cat. I always had the idea it's more the cat owning you. Look at it this way : you feed it, you train it, you get its rejection to the trash, it can obtain anything from you just by rrrrrrrrrrrrrring - did you know they learn to do that when they realize they can have food with it ? Yet you did not have mouses or rats all over your place, so why the stinky furry pet ?

9. It's a nice resume.

8. Maybe my ex boss feels bad about it when she reads it.

Naah, she's just cold blood.

7. One day or another, everything I do on the web will be found here.

When I figure out how to plug my friendfeed in.
If you're not on friendfeed, stop reading this immediately, and subscribe ! it's so great and we're missing you.

6. It's a good substitute for alcoohol.

Career path
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

5. I've never been so creative.

I have projects for this blog and ideas for businesses that came creating it. a lot.

4. Blogging is like sex.

This is for good Google reference.
And still, you get to meet partners, you don't talk as much as you thought you would, and it's fulfilling. But without the moisture.

3. Maybe I will get a cat.

When I need a picture for my OldDays blog.

2. Some day, my kid will read that and ask me "What the hell where you thinking about ?"

It'll be a nice chat to have with him.

[Hey, american readers, still holding on ? did you now that "chat", in French means "cat" ? No US blog will ever teach you that. Subscribe to my rss if you want more "chat" stories]

And the number one reason why I blog :
1. If there's a way I can make a living out of it, I will go for it.

I liked the foreign language posting, maybe i'm gonna try that for a while.

See you guys.

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